Helicopter transfer service starts from New Chitose Airport to Niseko

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画像:高機能多用途双発ヘリコプター BK117 D-3型 | ANSWERS(アンサーズ) | つぎの社会に向かうKawasakiのこたえ | 川崎重工業 (khi.co.jp)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has launched a helicopter shuttle service between New Chitose Airport and the Niseko area. Travel time can be reduced to about 30 minutes, compared to about 2 and a half hours one way by car. Another feature is that you can easily make reservations online, and round-trip fares start from 3 million yen. Targeting wealthy people who visit the Niseko area for skiing and summer sightseeing, it is expected to be used by 20 to 30 groups in the first year. The medium-sized plane seats eight passengers.

Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

Finally, a service that wealthy people have been waiting for for many years will be put into practical use. The “unexplored” part of Niseko is also one of its charms.If there are 8 people on board, the round trip fare is 375,000 yen per person. It’s become quite practical.

However, traveling in winter can take a considerable amount of time, including transit. From Tokyo to New Chitose first thing in the morning. From there, you can take a helicopter to enjoy the powder in Niseko and return to Tokyo for a day trip. In the future, there will be more options for departure and arrival destinations.

The helicopter being tested this time is the latest model in the BK117 series, the BK117 D-3, which has one more blade than previous helicopters to suppress vibration and improve ride comfort. I hope that there will be more options for access from the air.

簡単な手続きで空の移動を手配するワンストップサービス 「Z-Leg™」の提供を開始 | プレスリリース | 川崎重工業株式会社 (khi.co.jp)

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