Niseko’s gin is the best in the world. Received the highest award at the World Gin Awards 2024

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The award-winning product was “ohoro GIN Standard,” which was released in October 2021 by the distillery, which started operations in March 2021. It uses underground water from Niseko Annupuri and 13 plant materials grown in the town, including coconut willow and Japanese peppermint. This was the second year in a row that they received the highest national award in the same category, and this time they came out on top among the national representatives.

Niseko’s gin is the best in the world!

“ohoro GIN” produced at the Niseko Distillery won the world’s highest award in the classic gin category at the “World Gin Awards 2024”. A great achievement after winning the highest national award in 2023. wonderful! It’s surprisingly easy to pair with meals, such as tonic and lime, but also on the rocks or with soda. The distillery’s logo and building are also very tasteful, so be sure to stop by when you come to Niseko.

The world’s best title. congratulations! !

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