Niseko Town SDGs x Music Culture/Global Education Program Held for 2 Days

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[SDGs x Music Culture/Global Education Program] I participated as a monitor in the SDGs, music, and English communication education program that was held over two days. With an American teacher, we had fun learning about Niseko Town’s fascinating history and initiatives in English through hands-on experiences.
[Day 1 2024.3.23] The first day started with conversation in English and rhythmic play using the body. After having a delicious lunch at Takahashi Farm, we heard from the owner, Mr. Takai, about various topics such as business, education, and protecting the environment. Afterwards, put on your snowshoes and take a walk through nature. The participants enjoyed the experience of walking on snow for the first time.
PRATIVO is a restaurant located at Takahashi Farm, a popular tourist spot in Niseko Town. Enjoy healthy dishes made with local ingredients.
Rusutsu Yotei pig blanket (with bread)
The weather is nice and the view of Mt. Yotei is beautiful.
Use tools to walk on snow to avoid getting buried. The old one on the left No-shoe “snowshoes” Current snowshoes are on the right.
It’s a little bit covered in snow, but it’s possible to walk on the snow.
The guide will explain the trees and birds.
A simple experience of walking through beautiful white birches on snowshoes. Your body will be charged with natural energy and you will be energized. The smiles of the participants walking on snow for the first time were impressive.
Natural art of light and shadow. Each person walks on the snow at their own pace.
When you drink coffee with this mark, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to poor children who are unable to receive school education.
[Day2 2024.3.24] On the second day, we created musical instruments using bamboo with the theme of “upcycling.” Upcycling is a method of modifying items that were scheduled for disposal, adding value to them, and turning them into new products. Also known as “creative reuse,” it involves making use of characteristics such as materials and shapes to create something better.
At the end, I had the wonderful experience of having a session with the orchestra on stage using instruments that I had made myself.
Programs that combine Niseko’s nature and education are available year-round. I would like to utilize this experience to propose projects that will lead to the promotion of tourism and the development of education and culture.
Thank you to everyone involved.
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