Second international school in Niseko, KIU Kyoto International University aims to open in April 2013

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Second international school in Niseko, KIU Kyoto International University aims to open in April 2013

[Niseko] “Kyoto International University (KIU)” (Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture), an educational corporation that runs an international school in Kyoto Prefecture, will open “KIU Academy Niseko School” in Niseko Town, Shiribeshi area on April 21, 2025. announced the policy to This is the second international school to be opened in the town, and is expected to provide an educational environment suitable for an international resort.

KIU provides education in English and Japanese based on Christian principles. This is the second school to be established in Japan following Kyotanabe City. The company decided to move into the area because it saw demand from foreign children working at ski resorts and from Japanese people to attend school.

The school building is planned to be built near the center of Niseko Town, and the scale and project cost are under consideration. Aiming to start construction this fall. Japanese children from 1st grade to 3rd grade in high school are divided into elementary school, middle school and high school. There are plans to increase the number of students to 50 in the first year and 120 in four years.

KIU Chairman Peter Blocksom said, “We want to create an environment where children can establish their own identity, regardless of their race or nationality.”
In 2012, Hokkaido International School Niseko opened in Niseko Town. The “CEA Group” (Tokyo) is also planning to establish an international school in the Weiss district of Kyowa Town, which is located in the northern part of the Niseko area.

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Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

Natural and cosmopolitan Niseko is a wonderful place for early childhood education up to elementary and middle school. However, at present, there are only a few classes at Niseko’s international junior high school. Communication with friends and the quality of education are also concerns. Therefore, international marriage families who send their children to international schools are forced to choose between switching to their own country after graduating from elementary school, or sending their children to neighboring Sapporo.

Expectations are rising for KIU’s international school, where children can attend from elementary school to high school. It’s a 100% Christian school, so it would be a good choice if you agree on that point.

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