Niseko Great View Property

Creating Extraordinary “Great View” in Everyday Life

Let Niseko Great View Property team help you purchase real estate, vacation home construction, and property sales in Niseko.

We are a real estate management company founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1966. We mainly handle rare properties with great view in Niseko area.

Based on our long-standing trust and achievements in Hokkaido, we offer integrated services from land search, construction and property management, and we can precisely respond to a variety of needs.

By maximizing the potential value of assets based on our proprietary know-how, we bring high profits to our clients. In addition to hotel development and vacation home purchases, we also welcome business consultations in Niseko. We have a large amount of proprietary information that is not on the market, so please contact us.

In addition, inheritance issues, real estate sales, effective use of land, and troubles with neighbors require the know-how of a reliable professional to solve.

If you have any problems related to real estate, such as moving to Niseko or your children’s schools and education, please feel free to contact us about anything.

Our mission is “town development and landscape protection.” We are a new type of real estate company that advocates for “resident-first development” that enriches the town and people’s lives through development.

People living in Niseko area want to preserve this beautiful nature forever. This increases the asset value of real estate. However, when selling the land to agent who disrupts harmony with residents and the environment, problems may arise later on.

In order to avoid such problems, we confirm the intentions and the development process of land and property buyers, and carefully consult with both the seller and the buyer. This ensures high profits and peace of mind after the sale for sellers, and establishes a solid branding as a company that harmonizes with nature for buyers.

Niseko Great View Property strives to develop the Niseko area into “the world’s most livable place” by attracting companies that are friendly to nature and people, as a real estate company that creates a town where nature and people are in harmony.

Please leave your real estate purchases and sales in the Niseko area to us.

Three Strengths of Niseko Great View Property

1.We approach each property with care.

Real estate companies list as many properties as possible on the website. From the buyer’s perspective, they have more options, but from the seller’s perspective, information about their property is obscured.

As a result, there are many properties that have been listed for sale for years without being sold. This is a style of “If we put a lot of products on the shelves, someone will buy them someday.”

Normally, salespeople at real estate companies are busy with their duties, so they don’t concentrate on selling one property or plan and sell it to companies on their own. We only introduce properties that buyers are interested in or properties with similar conditions. If there is no stock for sale, that’s it.

Niseko Great View Property does not list much information on our website. Because we limit the number of properties and thoroughly research the potential value of the properties that other companies tend to overlook.

Then, we propose to companies and wealthy markets that can create its value by the results. There are many projects that are not posted on website.

Our “concentrated individual sales force” based on over 50 years of experience as a real estate management company is our proprietary and greatest strength.

We also provide information efficiently and carefully to who wish to purchase or develop land for vacation homes.

In addition to all the property information on the market in Niseko, we provide our own information that are not online by utilizing our network with local landowners and investors.

We listen carefully to your wishes and focus on each property individually. We then maximize the hidden potential of the real estate and achieve transactions that satisfy both sellers and buyers. We pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind and satisfaction based on strong relationships with our clients.

2.Free Consultation on Real Estate Inheritance

One day, family members who were connected as a family suddenly become “contending parties” in an inheritance dispute.

It is wonderful for a family to own real estate. However, there are many cases where real estate cannot be disposed of for a long time due to things that should have been done during the lifetime of the owner.

If left unattended for too long, the interests of the heirs become complicated and unmanageable. There is nothing as ugly and painful as a fight between blood relatives. As a result, the value of the real estate is significantly reduced and it is sold at a loss, which greatly damages the interests of the heirs.

Niseko Great View Property works with lawyers, judicial scriveners, and other experts to solve your “inheritance issues” as a real estate professional. Please feel free to contact us regarding real estate inheritance and inheritance tax planning.

3.We Search for Land with unknown owners

“What if development progresses and someone builds a house on the vacant lot in front of my house?”

Do you have such vague anxiety?

Construction is, in a sense, a very violent act. Without any warning, your favorite view suddenly disappears one day. Not only that, but some people don’t get along with the new residents, they find it difficult to live in their beloved Niseko area and move elsewhere.

Niseko Great View Property solves your daily real estate troubles and concerns.

We negotiate the purchase of neighboring land and find unclaimed land with our proprietary know-how. The Niseko area continues to develop without stopping, and the environment is changing at an astonishing speed every day.

The vague anxiety of losing your favorite scenery suddenly turns into reality one day.

“The price of the land has gone up and I may not be able to buy it anymore.”

“I looked for the owner of the land but couldn’t find them.”

Please contact us before you give up!!

Let us help you protect your precious scenery.

Business Scope

  • ・Ownership, management, leasing, buying and selling, and brokerage of real estate.
  • ・Environmental conservation business
  • ・Real estate investment business and consulting
  • ・Planning and management of hotels, resort facilities, and restaurants
  • ・Tourism business

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