Official land prices in Hokkaido have increased for 8 consecutive years; Furano ranks first in the country for residential land growth rate

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On the 26th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced the official land prices as of January 1 of this year. The average for all commercial, residential, and industrial uses in Hokkaido was +4.6%, rising for the eighth consecutive year. The volatility rate was the second highest since 2000, after 6.8% the previous year. Kitanomine-cho, Furano City, where the development of resorts for foreigners is progressing, ranked first in the country in terms of residential land growth rate, with an increase of 27.9%.

Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

In recent years, a term often heard in Niseko is “overtourism.” Without proper tourism regulations, development continues and the number of accommodation facilities increases more than necessary. As a developer, you build a building because there aren’t enough rooms to meet the demand for lodging. Naturally, ski resorts are crowded and the powder runs out before noon. Tourists from all over the world visit during the January and February seasons. There will be a shortage of human resources due to the rush of people in a short period of time. “The cost of eating and drinking in Niseko is lower than overseas.” As a result, locals are unable to make reservations at restaurants with prices that are too high and service quality is poor.

Once January and February are over, tourists will leave. The town is deserted and people are laid off. Restaurants with high prices are not used by locals and end up closing. The price of hot springs will go up, as will the price of food and restaurants. After all, who is town planning for? Many Niseko locals have such questions.

It is inevitable that attention will be focused on Furano, where you can enjoy interacting with local people and enjoying “local prices”, rather than the “commercial” Niseko. Land is also cheaper compared to Niseko. Furano is located at the base of the famous Mt. Daisetsuzan. The company will continue to promote its “Basin Powder” with its smooth texture. Furano also has lavender, giving it a “Hokkaido-like landscape.” Year-round resorts, which are one of Niseko’s weaknesses, are possible in Furano.

Hokkaido has many wonderful mountains. Commercial Niseko. Furano is typical of Hokkaido. Each has its own charm. You can use this wonderful natural gift of powder anywhere. We hope to spread the charms of Hokkaido overseas in various ways and hope that this beautiful island will develop in harmony with nature.


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