Makkari village land will be sold into residential lots starting in October; 13 plots will be sold to the private sector.

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[Makari] As part of measures to promote migration and settlement within the village, the village has completed development work on 13 plots for single-family homes, and one plot has been completed for residential subdivisions in which village-owned land on the north side of the city will be transferred free of charge to private businesses. The sales price per unit (560 to 685 square meters) is expected to be 5,934,250 yen to 8,078,070 yen. Business operators plan to start selling the products in October.

The land for sale is approximately 1 hectare in the Murasha district, approximately 1 km north of the city center, and the village will hand it over to Seo Kensetsu Kogyo (Kutchan Town) free of charge and transfer ownership. The company completed construction of the residential land by mid-August of this year. The unit price per square meter is approximately 10,000 yen to 11,700 yen. The company will construct the houses.

The transfer of publicly owned land for free for residential use with the aim of introducing private sector vitality is said to be a rare initiative in Hokkaido, and a related bill was passed at the regular village assembly that closed on the 14th.

The company plans to start selling land for sale in October, and will also make the information known on the village’s website. For inquiries, please contact the company at 0136-22-1597.

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Makkari is a town next to Rusutsu. About 30 minutes by car to Lake Toya. About 90 minutes to central Sapporo. Niseko’s ski resorts can be reached within 30 minutes. There are also hot springs and delicious French cuisine, making it a place where you can enjoy the Shishi area to the fullest.

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