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Entrust Niseko Great View Property with your real estate transactions, vacation homes, and building construction in Niseko. We specialize in exceptional properties with stunning views and offer a wide range of rare properties. With over 50 years of experience and proprietary information as a Hokkaido real estate management company, we can provide one-stop planning for land search, construction, and development, and we can precisely respond to a variety of needs. In addition to hotel development and vacation home purchases, we also provide consultations from those who want to start a business in Niseko. We have proprietary information that is not listed on other website or in the market, so please feel free to contact us. Why not acquire wonderful assets and a dream lifestyle with Niseko Great View Property?

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Niseko Great View Property

About Us

We are a Niseko real estate management company founded in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1966.

Based on the concept of “creating a great view in everyday life”, we mainly handle real estate with a superb view with high scarcity value. We have strong connections with local companies based on our many years of trust and achievements in Hokkaido. Therefore, it is possible to consistently perform development planning, construction, and management in one stop.

Niseko consists of three towns, Niseko Town, Kutchan Town and Rankoshi Town. Among them, Hirafu in Kutchan Town is the busiest place in the area. The mountain side of Hirafu Cross Street is called Upper Hirafu and the other side is called Lower Hirafu. Upper Hirafu is for skiing and Lower Hirafu is for villas and condominiums.

The attraction of Niseko

Niseko is a year-round tourist resort where you can enjoy the nature in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Especially it is famous as a ski resort attracting many tourists and professional skiers and snowboarders seeking high-quality powder snow created by its unique terrain in winter season.
Ski resorts such as Niseko Annupuri and Niseko United, located in the mountains of Niseko, are visited by many people every year.

In summer, Niseko offers different attractions such as hiking, trekking, horseback riding, rafting, and barbecuing.

And you can also see observe wildlife such as Hokkaido red foxes and squirrels in Niseko's rich natural environment.

The captivating of Niseko is not limited to its natural beauty.

Hirafu are also many stylish shops and restaurants, as well as well-equipped facilities like hot springs, so you can spend luxury holidays while feeling close to the nature.

Niseko Great View Property handles a wide range of properties in such a wonderful area, so please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Contact Niseko Great View Real Estate

    Contact Niseko Great View Real Estate

    Consultation on your desired conditions

    We will ask you what kind of property you are looking for.

    Based on your preferences regarding location, facilities, and budget, we will recommend the most suitable properties for you.

  2. Search for properties

    Search for properties

    We will introduce properties that match your preferences, arrange a viewing date, and guide you through the property and house.

    We have properties that are not listed on our website, so we will also show you the surrounding area on-site and introduce to the property in more detail.

  3. Apply for purchase

    Apply for purchase

    Preparation of contract documents

    Submission of Purchase Application Form

    After the property tour, if you decide to purchase, you will proceed to the application stage.

    We will prepare the contract documents in necessary including the Purchase Application Form.

    Once you and the seller agree on the price and any other conditions, we will coordinate the payment and delivery schedule.

  4. Contract and settlement

    Contract and settlement

    After confirming the final contract details, if there are no issues, the contract will be officially concluded with the agreement of both the buyer and seller.

    The contract will be concluded under the Sales Contract, and the signs and the seals are required by both parties.

  5. Property handover

    Property handover

    Once the settlement is completed, the property will be handed over to you, and the entire real estate sales contract will be completed.

Three Strengths of Niseko Great View Property

Three Strengths of Niseko Great View Property

1.We approach each property with care.

Niseko Great View Property does not list much information on our website.

Because we limit the number of properties and thoroughly research the potential value of the properties that other companies tend to overlook.

2.Free Consultation on Real Estate Inheritance

Niseko Great View Property works with lawyers, judicial scriveners, and other experts to solve your “inheritance issues” as a real estate professional.

Please feel free to contact us regarding real estate inheritance and inheritance tax planning.

3.We Search for Land with unknown owners

Niseko Great View Property solves your daily real estate troubles and concerns.

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