【Large development land】Makkari Sakura Sanctuary



Makkari Mori

¥30,000 Price per tsubo

44,732m2 (13,531.44坪 tsubo)

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Makkari Sakura Sanctuary

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Large-scale development site adjacent to cherry blossom trees, a tourist attraction. 観光名所の桜並木に隣接する、大型開発用地。

The row of cherry blossom trees is a tourist attraction and a symbol of Makkari. During the blooming season, the cherry blossoms create a spectacular tunnel.

The flat, vast land next to it. You can enjoy the impressive scenery of Mt. Yotei. Spectacular landscapes on all sides are protected by fields.It is a very sacred and precious land along the approach to the shrine.

In winter, Niseko, Rusutsu, Mt. Yotei, Mt. Shiribetsu, as a base for skiing and backcountry,In the summer, mountain climbing, cycling, and visiting nearby amusement parks, water activities at Lake Toya etc.The perfect land for enjoying the Niseko area. Large hotels, villas, apartments, since there are no development regulations, a variety of construction variations are possible.

Makkari’s biggest appeal is that despite its high potential value, the price is still low.

The development of this land will create a new landmark in Makkari Village.

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Makkari Town 4 min
Yotei Climb entrance 7 min
Niseko Town 14 min
Kucchan Town 22 min
Rusutsu Resort 15 min
Niseko Village 24 min
Grand Hirafu 24 min 
Lake Toya 30 min