A flying car airfield will be built in Makkari. Started operation in 2010.

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It has been revealed that Osaka’s start-up company Skyscape is planning to build a dedicated takeoff and landing field for flying cars, which are becoming increasingly popular as a next-generation means of transportation, in Makkari Village, Shishi Prefecture.

It will be developed as an integrated aviation center with air traffic control facilities and space for passengers to stay. The plan is to begin operation in 2026 and rent it out to domestic and foreign manufacturers to use it as a base for demonstration tests and development.

Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

The long-awaited private jet takeoff and landing field will finally open in the Niseko area!

It takes about 2 hours by car from New Chitose Airport to Niseko. If this time could be significantly shortened, the style of travel would change dramatically. The airstrip has long been requested by wealthy people overseas, but due to factors such as rising land prices, it has not been possible to create an airstrip.

Makkari is located between Rusutsu Resort and Niseko, and Lake Toya can be accessed within 30 minutes. In addition, access to large hospitals for emergencies such as illness or injury has become much easier. This is amazing. Keep an eye on the Niseko area, which will continue to change dramatically.

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