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[Niseko] The 41st Niseko Marathon Festival (sponsored by the executive committee) was held on the 17th, starting and ending at the town athletics stadium. It was held for the first time in four years due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. A total of 1,553 citizen runners from within and outside Hokkaido ran through the autumn streets of Niseko, cheering along the roadsides.
A total of four events will be held, including a half marathon, 10 km, 3 km, and a 1 km fun run where there is no competition for ranking, starting from the half marathon at 10:20 am. Participants ran at their own pace through mountainous areas with large elevation differences and countryside overlooking Mt. Yotei, aiming for the goal.

Nagisa Yuasa (44), a cook in the town, completed the 3km run with her eldest daughter Sumire (8), a third-year student at Niseko Elementary School, and said, “The two of us had fun and gave it our all.When we were running, we didn’t have much time to spare.” But the view of Niseko after working so hard is also amazing,” he said with a smile.

At the venue, local potatoes were distributed free of charge, and participants enjoyed the local flavors.

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This simple act of “running through beautiful scenery” has many enthusiastic fans. Facing yourself and challenging yourself. Aim for the goal at each speed and pace. The fact that the act of “running” overlaps so much with “living” life is probably what fascinates people.

You can feel the natural energy of Niseko and feel like you’re running in a foreign country!
Don’t miss the “Niseko Marathon Festival” next year.

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