[Media Information] Appearing on FM APPLE “APPLE PARDE”

[Media appearance information]

January 16th, I will be appearing on “Apple Prade” by Kaoru Tsukamoto, the director of FM Apple. The time is 1 hour from 12:00 to 13:00. This time, I will be promoting the charms of Niseko from my perspective as a real estate company CEO.

●Is it still time? What is real estate investment in Niseko that even office workers can do?

●What are the three benefits of moving to Niseko for education?

●What is “sustainable marriage life” learned from Niseko, an SDGs town?

In order to realize a sustainable society, we start with the family.
We will talk about the marriage life and lifestyle unique to Niseko that cannot be found in the big city.

You can watch it from all over the world on the internet!

We bring you the “now” of Niseko, a super power spot in Hokkaido.
Please listen! !

~How to watch~

How to watch online
□Youtube live streaming (no music, no BGM. Only talk can be viewed)

Viewing from PC
⊡ Simul radio
Hokkaido → FM Apple → Listen to broadcasts

Viewing from smartphone
⊡ Download the app from Listen Radio
http://listenradio.jp/ Category
Radio stations nationwide → Channel Hokkaido FM Apple #fmapple #fm Apple

FM Apple – FM Toyohira – (765fm.com)

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