Construction of a 6-story, 482-room hotel in the Niseko Hirafu district. Construction started in September by a Philippine real estate company.

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KUTCHAN – Philippine real estate developer Double Dragon Corporation has unveiled plans to build a hotel in the town’s Hirafu district of reinforced concrete with 6 floors above ground and 1 basement, with 482 rooms. It will be one of the largest facilities in the Niseko area, and construction work will begin in September, with the aim of completing the building by the end of 2026. The facility is a condominium type, and the price of the condominium and the accommodation fee when the owner is absent are kept low to differentiate it from the accommodation facilities for the wealthy that have become mainstream in the area.

The facility is called “Hotel 101 – Niseko” and is located along the road on the east side of Hirafuzaka in the center of the town’s Hirafu district. Assuming that each room is 21 square meters and occupies two people as standard, the total capacity is expected to be around 1,000 people. It also has a pool and gym. Iwata Jizaki Construction (Sapporo), the largest construction company in Hokkaido, will undertake the design and construction.

This is a condominium hotel that can be used by the general public when the owner is absent. The condominium price is scheduled to be 36 million to 40 million yen per room, and the company hopes to start sales soon. The room rate will vary depending on the season, but the plan is to average about 20,000 yen per room per night. In the Hirafu area, where there are many facilities with sales prices in the hundreds of millions, it will be set at a low price, including the accommodation fee.

Hotel 101 is a hotel brand operated by Double Dragon in the Philippines, and will be the first foray outside of the country. On the 26th, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the planned construction site. Hana Euroruccini, CEO of the hotel management company, responded to an interview, saying, “We are targeting a wide range of people in Japan and overseas, with a price that is easy to invest in as a real estate property and easy to use as an accommodation facility even during the busy winter season. I want to.”

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Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

Niseko is a place where properties in the billions are the norm. In recent years, the middle range price range of 70 million yen has been sold out immediately. Niseko real estate is thought to be only available to a limited number of wealthy people. Hotel 101 – Niseko has a lower investment hurdle than conventional real estate. We hope that the creation of a variety of price ranges will further revitalize the market.

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