Chinese-funded real estate company constructing a 74-unit housing complex in Niseko, construction to start in August, for hotel employees

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[Niseko] Chinese real estate company “Space Sail” (Tokyo) will build a large apartment complex of 74 units on the site of the town Soga. It is one of the largest housing complexes in the Niseko area, and is expected to accommodate employees of nearby hotels. Construction will begin in August and is expected to be completed by August next year.

With the end of the Japanese government’s border measures for the new coronavirus, and the number of foreign tourists expected to further increase, Space’s collective housing development is a move in response to the strengthening of the personnel system of accommodation facilities expected in the future in the Niseko area. It seems that

According to company officials, a four-story reinforced concrete housing complex with a total floor area of 3,480 square meters will be built on a site of approximately 2,400 square meters. There are two types of rooms: 23 to 25 square meters for 1 or 2 people, and 44 to 50 square meters for 4 people. There is also a dining room for residents.

 The plan is to provide everything on a rental basis, and the rent and total project costs are undecided.
In addition to hotels such as the Hilton Niseko Village in the vicinity of the housing complex site, Hong Kong-based companies are also planning to build large-scale condominiums.

2023.7.4 Hokkaido news paper

Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

The Soga area is in demand for hotel employee dormitories and rental properties for construction workers. Currently, the development of Niseko Town is moving from Higashiyama to Annupuri. New projects are underway in this area, including the construction of a large hotel.I have great expectations for future development.

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