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[Niseko] On the 20th, the educational corporation “Kyoto International University (KIU)” (Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture), which operates international schools in Kyoto Prefecture, announced the preparation of “KIU Academy Niseko School”, which is scheduled to open in the town in April 2025. An overview was presented. A two-story wooden school building with a total floor area of 846 square meters will be constructed in Machimoto-cho, and once the school opens, it is planned to offer classes online that will be connected to the KIU Kyoto campus.
According to KIU, the school building for Japanese children in grades 1 through 3 of high school will have classrooms, free space for individual study and reading, and an outdoor playing field. Construction has been moved from the originally scheduled fall of this year to spring of 2024. The online connection with the Kyoto school will be for third-year high school classes, with the aim of providing high-quality higher education at the Niseko school.
KIU Chairman Peter Bloxsom says, “We want to be a school that is uniquely Niseko and that the local community understands and takes an interest in.” A school information session will be held on October 21st at the Niseko Chuo Warehouse Group on Chuo-dori Street. Apply from the website. For inquiries, please contact KIU at 0774.64.0804.

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Currently, English is the main language at international schools in Niseko. KIU’s educational policy is bilingual education in English and Japanese. The educational content will be enriched, and tuition fees will be lower than existing international schools in Niseko.

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