Clinics in Niseko Hirafu started recruiting foreign trainees. Strengthen support for patients visiting Japan

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[Kutchan] Niseko International Clinic (Director Kunitake Moroi) in the Hirafu district of the town has been designated as a clinical training hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare where foreign doctors can practice medical treatment in Japan as an exception, and recruitment of foreign doctors to train at the hospital. started. The aim is to strengthen the response to the rapidly increasing number of foreign patients as the government relaxes immigration restrictions. Designation on the scale of a clinic appears to be rare in Hokkaido.

Under the clinical training system for foreigners, if they have more than 3 years of clinical experience, they are allowed to perform medical activities other than issuing prescriptions at a hospital designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for up to 2 years under the guidance of a doctor.

The hospital opened in 2017 and is the only comprehensive clinic in the resort area that can speak English. Between December of last year and March of this year, the number of foreign patients was about 2,000, the same level as before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Currently, the only resident doctor is Dr. Moroi, and it was decided that it was necessary to secure a doctor in order to smoothly treat the foreigners who are expected to increase in the future. I applied for a clinical training hospital and was designated in late April.

The hospital has received visits from medical students and doctors from various countries, and has received many requests for training and work. There have already been inquiries about using the system, and after completing the necessary paperwork, the company hopes to welcome an intern by the end of the year. Director Moroi says, “There is a high level of interest in medical methods unique to this region, such as treatment for skiing injuries. We want to improve the quality of medical care while promoting international exchange.” For inquiries, call the hospital at 0136-21-5454.

2023.6.13 Hokkaido News Paper

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Niseko International Clinic became a popular hospital as soon as it opened. The beauty of the facility, which is not found in Niseko hospitals so far, and the online reservation is very convenient.

I expect that medical care will be enhanced along with the development of the town.

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