“Niseko Mirai” Safety Wish Groundbreaking Ceremony

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A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the 6th for the environmentally friendly block “Niseko Mirai”, which is being developed by the town development company “Niseko Machi”, which is funded by the town. Before the construction of the first condominium in Section 1 began, about 30 people concerned wished for the construction to go smoothly and for the development of the block.
The first building is a two-story wooden building with eight units, and is scheduled to be completed in February next year. It sells high environmental performance and economic efficiency with high insulation and solar power generation, etc. Since the recruitment started in October last year, about 60 inquiries have been received, and after the selection of tenants, it was sold out.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, after the Shinto ritual, Mamoru Takahashi, president of the company, said, “We will steadily complete each project one by one, and strive to convey our dreams for the future to everyone’s hearts.” Mayor Kenya Katayama also emphasized, “There is a chronic housing shortage in the town. It is a big role to solve the problem with the idea of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations).”

Next year, construction of 16 condominium units and 16 rental units will also begin in Section 1. By 2028, construction sections 2 to 4 will also be developed, aiming for a maximum of 450 permanent residents.

Niseko real estate company CEO’s perspective

Niseko continues to attract attention from around the world as a real estate investment. Tourists flock in during the winter months and leave when the powder runs out. Tourists come back and leave again in the summer months. That’s why Niseko’s mainstream real estate investment is mainly condominiums that take high prices in a short period of time.

Since employment is not stable, apartment investment is difficult to take a step forward unless you understand the true demand in Niseko, except for high-quality properties near stations and in town.

Still, the problem of housing shortages does exist. A model house (high-performance housing complex) was completed in Soga, and I was invited to a tour. An eco-friendly house created by a town of SDGs in an age when electricity and gas are soaring. I’m looking forward to it.


Niseko Mirai

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